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ladies and gentlemen, the scenic area we are approaching to is chengyang scenic area. there are eight famous stockade villages here that offer a peek into the dong's life and customs. these villages are ma'an, ping, dongzhai,dazhai, pingpu, pingtan, jichang and dong village. chengyang scenic area lies in sanjiang county in liuzhou, about 19 kilograms to the county seat. here live about 10000 people, which belong to three different administrative villages. major scenic spots here include ethnic villages, wind and rain bridges, and stilted bamboo houses, wooden houses projecting over the water, drum towers and terraced fields, we can also appreciate performances by the dong people. but what is the most exciting part in the coming journey? dong folk songs,the multi-part folk songs . people accredit it sounds of nature” and “music from heaven.。 _h2%6t/v
女士们先生们,我们要游览的下一个景点是由八个侗族村寨组成的民俗风情村寨大观——程阳八寨景区。八寨分别是马安寨、平坦寨、平寨、岩寨、东寨、大寨、平甫寨、吉昌寨。景区位于柳州市三江县境内,距县城19公里,主要景点有:侗族村寨、风雨桥、吊脚楼、鼓楼和梯田,在这里我们还将欣赏到独具特色的侗族歌舞。当然,此行最值得期待的还是被誉为天籁之音的侗族大歌。 4l6'4ts
for there is still a little while to reach the scenic area, i would like to introduce our itinerary. g-t2b,j [
这里到景区还有一段车程,我先简要介绍一下我们的行程。 u#34mg..
well, first we will visit the famous wind and rain bridge, the drum towers ,then, there will be a corroboree in dong style. after that, we have about 20 minutes looking around. we will leave for mapang county at about 16:40, so, if you leave the whole group for some reason, make sure to re-join the group before a half past sixteen.. l/j)oje\
到达景区后我们将先参观程阳风雨桥和鼓楼,接着与侗族人民一起狂欢,最后,将利用二十分钟的时间参观部分的侗寨。大约在16:30集合。 z0%qy %
the building in sight is chengyang wind and rain bridge, the main entrance to the village. the local people have been there waiting for us,dressed in style ,singing and dancing,showing their acclaim in their own forms。 q ]o ^y
眼前我们看到的就是程阳风雨桥了,它是进入村寨的主要通道之一。热情的侗族人民已经身着盛装,载歌载舞,在风雨桥前迎候我们。 '&$xlz8
chengyang bridge is also called yongji(means irrigate this area forever) bridge or panlong bridge. it was built in 1916, and it is the best one among the wind and rain bridges in dong stockade villages. at present, it is the largest wind and rain bridge also it is the crystal of dong people's wisdom; it is one of the artistic precious things of chinese wood architecture. w[wrz:[
程阳风雨桥桥也叫做永济桥或盘龙桥(永济,顾名思义,永远灌溉,永远造福此地)。此桥始建于1916年,是侗族风雨桥中的上乘之作,也是目前最大的风雨桥,它是侗族人民智慧的结晶,是中国木结构建筑艺术的瑰宝。 v81h!c.*
this bridge is made of wood and stone, making it a large bridge stretching across the linxi river, having 5 stone-made large columns. fir and wood board cover the surface of the bridge. moreover, the bridge is 64.4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide and 10.6 meters high. mxv0$'fm
程阳桥为木石结构,有五个石砌的桥墩横跨林溪河之上(事实上只有三个桥墩,两头的两座是桥基,但是桥基不好翻译)。桥长64.4米,宽3.4米。高10.6米,桥面铺设杉木长板。 -?$hr\
both sides of the bridge are inlayed with railing, so the whole bridge looks like a long corridor; in the bridge, there are 5 tower-like kiosks with many horns. the brims of the kiosks rise like stretching wings; the pilaster, tile brims and carved flower and pictures are magnificent. do1ah$iw
风雨桥两侧均有护栏,形成长廊式的走道。桥上有五座多边形的桥亭。桥亭上有多层飞檐,亭柱、屋檐造型独特,花卉等图案雕刻华美。 namp\hj
the whole bridge is grand, like a brilliant rainbow, the most amazing thing in its construction is that no nails were used in the building of the whole bridge; pieces of wood in the bridge are closely jointed. long stools were set up on both sides of the bridge for people to rest. from the stools where people sat you could see the linxi river windingly flow; on both sides of the river it was full of tea forest and green woods on the sloping hills. also you could see that the peasants were working in the plantations; there is also a reservoir on one side of the river. ,:qzfmv
整座桥气势恢宏,如彩虹飞架。最奇特的是整座桥不用一枚铁钉,全赖卯榫接合。桥两侧设有长凳供行人歇息,坐在长凳上,只见宽阔的林溪河安静地流淌,两岸低矮平缓的山坡上种满了茶树和其他绿树,大家看,一些农民正在山坡上的种植园里辛勤劳作。河的另一侧还有一座不大的水库。 gz?]]-h
now, please look forward, the splendorous multi-story pagoda-like building in front is the most important building inner the dong village, the drum tower. &k_5.7-56
请大家往前方看,那座宏伟的多层塔式建筑就是侗寨内最重要的建筑——鼓楼。 j~eyq
the drum tower is constructed of wood and built without nails,it is the largest building in the village. |n!(h
鼓楼为木结构,不用一枚铁钉,是侗寨内最大的建筑。 q3m;'m
on the second floor, there we can see the most important and precious object in the drum tower,a large skin drum that gives drum towers their name. the drum is used to summon the villagers if something urgent happens in the village. gb1[`u%
鼓楼的二层放置着一件很贵重的物品,一个巨大的牛皮长鼓,长鼓的作用是在发生紧急情况的时候召集民众。 =rv*ily
ordinarily, the tower is a place for the villagers to relax, hold ceremonies, greet guests, and do some recreation activities. but it is also used as a meeting room to discuss the important issues of the village. during festivals, the villagers will gather together in front of the drum tower, singing, dancing and performing on the lusheng, which is a reed pipe wind instrument used by the miao, yao, and dong nationalities. @au%1h5w;l
通常情况下,鼓楼是侗族人民休息、举行典礼、待客或者举行娱乐活动的地方(有两个新建的鼓楼好像是要钱才能进去的,其他的可以带客人进去参观),不过这里也会用作会议室。每逢节庆,村民们会在鼓楼前的打谷场集会。唱侗歌,跳芦笙舞,芦笙是一种流行于苗族、瑶族、侗族等少数民族之中的管弦乐器。 ^mlzt*
the local people is gathering on the threshing ground in front of the tower,they are singing square songs, they are preparing a performance for their honored guests, yes, they are waiting for us. but before joining it, i have some words to remind you, after the performance, please stay here, in front of the tower, we will continue with our excursion. thank you. !7mc[z(|n
看,侗族人民已经在鼓楼前的打谷场集合,他们唱起了欢快的广场歌,准备为远道而来的尊贵客人奉上最热烈的歌舞,最精彩的表演。不过,在我们加入侗族人民的狂欢之前,还有一件事要交代大家,歌舞之后请大家回到鼓楼前面集合,我们将继续参观侗寨。谢谢大家。 x:w nf62
please tell us something about dong big songs. at~ )
请讲解一下侗族大歌。(兵法有云:虚则实之,实则虚之,所以taotao的建议是,把你准备的最好的,而且又比较重要的一点在讲解中故意一言掠过,引诱考官提问,一旦考官问到,我们就可以滔滔不绝啦) hse3s8
big songs is some a type of dong folk songs. actually there are big songs, small songs, square songs, ballads, “drinking songs and passage songs in dong-style folk songs. when we are approaching to the village, the songs they sang are passage songs. gwm -}nb4
the big songs are multi-part folk songs, usually a pair of or a group of people singing two or more parts simultaneously. 1|)l6#hol
dong folk songs in sanjiang are generally unaccompanied,and there is no director. most big songs imitate natural voices or sounds, such as bugs buzz, the cries of animals、birds, the sounds of winds, the murmuring streams and so on, which reflects how dong people love the nature, how do they love piece, there for, people regard big songs as people and nature in harmony. uml.}t2uyu
大歌是侗族民歌中的一种,其他还有小歌、广场歌、叙事歌、酒会歌、拦路歌、开路歌(这个taotao不会翻译),他们在程阳桥前面迎接我们的时候所唱的就是拦路歌。 mm.-mip
大歌属于多声部歌曲,通常是一对或一组歌手同时唱出两个或两个以上声部。 ?4%'6r
三江的大歌一般是不用伴奏的,并且不用指挥。(好像很多其他地方的侗寨是要用乐器的,也有用一片很光滑的树叶伴奏的accompanied by a glossy leaf)侗族大歌多模拟鸟叫虫鸣、高山流水等自然的声音,因为侗族人民热爱自然,热爱和平,因此,大歌被誉为自然与人文的和谐之美。